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Treatment Approach 


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

  • Trauma-Focused, Solution-Focused

  • Person-Centered Approach

At AOCC we apply a multi-therapeutic approach because we understand not one approach fits all. 

We work together to provide knowledge and transparency for effective treatment planning.  

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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Begin to understand how Thoughts connect to Feelings that connect to Behavior and vice versa. Understand how you can begin to change your thoughts to reduce negative self-perceptions and embrace positive change.

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Dialectical Behavioral Practices 

Elements of DBT provide hope to clients who struggle regulating moods that inhibit effective relationships. DBT mindfulness practices bring calm and empowerment. 

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Trauma - Solution Focused

Utilizing components of CBT/Trauma supports healing. 

A Solution Focus treatment plan allows for the measurement of progress or modification as the client works towards their goals.

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Client-Centric-Positive Psychology

Working in collaboration with clients to ensure clients understand diagnosis & treatment planning is key. Practicing Positive Psychology is a very client-centric approach; understanding the client can make effective changes they desire on day one. 

Full 60-minute session - $140.00 
New Client Visit and Evaluation - $200.00
For in-network insurance providers, we efficiently submit your insurance claims 


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