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What You Feed Grows - Your Internal Conversations

Here is an interesting challenge; I myself love challenges so here goes. Tomorrow please begin to track your internal conversations. Let's make this easy and set aside one hour within your day just to observe what exactly you are you talking about, literally. Observe your internal conversations (don't worry we all have them). Do you speak to yourself with respect and love or criticism and negativity? Are your words helping to build you up or tear you down? It was years ago I was asked this question, would you speak to your best friend the way you speak to yourself? I had to admit my response was no I do not. I hope for your sake the answer is yes but if it's not, think about it this way.

What you feed grows and better yet what you reap you sow! Yikes!

So when I really let that sink in, what I feed grows, what I reap I sow? I had to admit my internal conversations (at that time) were not positive, not encouraging and not strengthening me. That was the bad news, the good news is I can change it. The easy part is I can change it the hard part is I can change it. Does any of this make sense? Yes and yes!

It is almost so simple I could not figure it out so I kept it that way. Yes, the only thing I did was keep it as simple as it was; I tracked all negative thinking. I committed to the fact that what I fed inside my mind will grow. So I took action! I simply started to encourage myself every day with respectful thoughts. I complimented my own self. I treated myself like my best friend. I will make this short and to the point, this does work folks!

Challenge yourself and track how many insults, would of, could of, and should of's you roll out to yourself every hour or even every minute. You might have to admit you never paid attention to your internal conversations. You might have to acknowledge that you have normalized negative thinking about yourself. Let us call this step #1 and begin tracking your internal conversations. Be honest please don't make it complicated simply notice for this first step and in 2 weeks let's come back and talk about step #2.

Be well and "Mind" your Health!

Lisa M Rodriguez - Art of Care Counseling

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