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Invent & Create & Share hope

I am purposely going to skip stating the obvious, by now we all know about the crisis going on around the globe. I am making a conscious choice to see the positive. So during this time of change have you found yourself feeling creative? Have you been inventive? I have seen it happening all over the world. People are creating new expressions of hope and humor. Social media supplies us with a daily dose of laughter and inspiration, "if" you look for it. It is not hard to find but I realize it might be easy to zero in on the negative aspects of social media. Good old fashion TV is also sharing daily doses of human kindness. There is kindness in the works. Human expressions of gratitude are everywhere. I see appreciation expressed especially for the "essential" workers making life better for so many other people. Please remember you always have a choice of what you want to focus on, a choice can and is in your span of control.

Finding my way back to the point of this blog today which is creativity, expression, and choice. Like a writer or painter time is one of the essentials in the creative process. Many people find they have a little more time on their hands or in some cases a whole lot of time. Through any social media platform and television today, you can watch what people are doing to lift spirits. I've watched people dancing, singing, and, inventing new ways to express emotions. I see families, and friends and neighbors doing for each other. I see what matters in the midst of the pandemic. Human love transcends.

I hope you can find something to share with the world or maybe with one other person. Most importantly I hope you can see and receive all the positive things people are sharing with you too right now. Please feel free to share your thoughts by responding to this blog. I always look forward to hearing from you.

Be well and continue to Mind your Health.


Lisa -

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