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Grief is a normal response to a loss, however it feels anything but Normal, someone hear me!

Currently, I am focused and doing lots of work on GRIEF in my private practice! My work includes getting real honest about grief; sometimes, our wonderful world acts like it does not have time for grieving. I like to share with others how to respect those grieving; I focus not on what to do but on what NOT to do. The (some people) well-intentioned continue to say the wrong thing to those suffering and often do the opposite of help or support. I talk about the everyday things that happen to someone hurting inside from any loss. I help clients process emotions they carry, feelings they don't have words for, and validate their loss by giving people 100% permission to grieve with a respectful approach. However, this is not something most hold a hand up to do. I support how important it is to allow oneself to accept the way to feel through the dark tunnel of grief. I provide support to the living because they so ultimately need it.

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